Music before 1750


Discovered Gems - Music from the Düben Collection

The extraordinary Düben Collection contains over 2,000 manuscripts of 17th and early-18th century music by more than 300 European composers, collected by members of the Düben family and donated to Uppsala University in 1732. The collection is thought to include the music library of the Royal Swedish Court, where four of the Dübens served as kapellmeisters from 1640 to 1726.

Wednesday  January 30, 6:30pm

The Gallery at Queen's Park, New Westminster

Friday  February 1, 7:30pm

Knox United Church, Parksville

Tuesday February 5, 5pm

Green College, UBC

Thursday February 7, 11am 

Alix Goolden Performance Hall, Victoria

Unlikely Companions - French & Italian trio sonatas in 17th century France

Originating in 17th century Italy, the trio sonata developed out of a burgeoning interest in instrumental music as a genre independent of voice and text, but with its own unique rhetorical persuasiveness and beauty. In France it was initially viewed with disdain, but soon gained favour with court musicians. J.P. Lully, himself a transplanted Italian in France, embraced the trio sonata, adorning it with French style and thereby enchanting Louis XIV each evening with his compositions. Sometime later François Couperin united the two styles with aplomb. In this programme La Modestine presents some of the luminaries of Italy and France, highlighting the flare and variety with which these composers explored the trio sonata form.

Thursday June 20 - location tba

Friday June 21 - 8pm

Brackendale Art Gallery, Squamish

Saturday June 22 - 7:30 pm

Hodson Manor, Vancouver

Sunday June 23 - 12:30 pm

St. Christopher's Church, West Vancouver

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