Music before 1750



Thursday February 29th - 11am

Pacific Baroque Festival, Victoria

Wednesday March 6th - 7:30pm

Denman Island

Thursday March 7th - 7:30pm

St. George's Church, Courtenay, BC

Friday March 8th - 7:30pm

Library Annex, Bowen Island


Saturday March 9th - 7:30pm

Hodson Manor, Vancouver


Sunday March 10th - 5pm

Whistler, BC

These concerts are presented in cooperation with the Pacific Baroque Festival, Victoria


Tarquinio Merula (1595-1665)

Canzona La Monteverde, Op. 17 No. 7 per canto e basso (Venice, 1651)

Capriccio Cromatico, from Composizioni per Organo e Cembalo

Marco Uccellini (ca. 1603 – 1680)

Sonata seconda ‘detta la Luciminia Contenta’

     for violin and basso continuo, from: Sonate, Correnti e Arie da  

     camera e da chiesa a 1, 2 e 3, Op. 4 (1645)

Giovanni Batista Fontana (1589 - 1630)

Sonata Decima a Fagotto e violino, from Sonate a 1, 2, 3 (Venice, 1641)

Arcangelo Corelli (1653 - 1713)

Sonata in g minor, Op. 5 no. 5 for violin and continuo (Rome, 1700),

     transcribed for viola da gamba and continuo

     Adagio - Vivace - Adagio - Vivace - Giga (Allegro)

Maurizio Cazzati (1616-1678)

Sonata Quarta "La Cagnola”,

     from Sonate a violino, violone e b.c. Op. 55 (Bologna, 1670)

     Allegro - Largo - Grave - Largo

Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643)

Cento Partite sopra Passacagli, F.29,

     from Toccate e partite d'intavolatura, Libro 1 (1637)

Toccata per Spinettina e Violino F.8.49, from Canzoni Libro 1 (1628)

Giovanni Paolo Cima (1570? — 1630)

Sonata for violin and violone, from Concerti Ecclesiastici (1610)


Friday December 2nd - 7:30pm

Wright home, Vancouver

Saturday December 3rd - 2pm

Martins home, Bowen Island


Friday, January 8th - 7:30 pm [postponed]

Kay Meek Centre, West Vancouver

[see July 8th]

Thursday, January 28th - 1:00 pm

Douglas College, New Westminster

Thursday, July 8th - 7:30pm (live and streamed)

Kay Meek Centre, West Vancouver

Musica Poetica - Instrumental music of 17th & 18th century Germany and France

This programme features music from two of the most important hearts of European music-making. In France, Paris and Versailles were the vibrant centres of musical activity, while in Germany there was no political or courtly centre to speak of, but a scattering of courts of different denominations, all influenced by Italian and French musical forms and styles, with the strong north German organ repertoire permeating the musical culture.

During this period new genres and forms were created as instrumental music was establishing itself as a musical entity independant of vocal music and text. Composers were writing sonatas and suites in abundance, expressing the rich variety of styles that arose from the cross-border travels of musicans. We have chosen just a few of these ravishing works for violin, viola da gamba, and harpsichord.

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